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Jacob Benjamin Fite is a musician from western Ohio who has won multiple awards. The multi-talented musician plays the piano, drums, and guitar, among other instruments. It is for his work as a session musician that he is most recognized. Additionally, he has traveled widely with several incredibly popular bands. This includes Ohio, the majority of the remainder of the United States, and overseas. Fite has participated in countless musical endeavors across North America, Central America, South America, and Europe.

Fite, a graduate of Ohio University and the University of Oklahoma, is a member of various esteemed musical organizations. The American Federation of Musicians and the Artist Rights Alliance are two examples. Throughout his over two decades in the industry, the artist has received numerous accolades for his studio and live work.

He is an avid supporter of numerous charitable causes and is renowned for his musical prowess in and out of the workplace. Fite has worked extensively with veterans trying to learn music, in addition to his involvement with a growing number of charities. He and his wife and two young children continue to reside in Dayton, Ohio, where he was born and raised.

Current role and duties

Fite is a session musician, pianist, drummer, and guitarist touring. He formerly worked as an independent artist and repertory representative. In addition to his session and tour work and utilization of his A&R expertise, he is a reliable source of promising new musical talent.

In this position, he frequently collaborates with national record labels and song publishers.

Fite engages extensively with other artists and repertoire agents while working from his home office in Dayton, Ohio. While on the road while performing internationally, the musician relies on these colleagues to meet the demands of record companies and song publishers.

Educational history

Fite, a native of Ohio, is a graduate of Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. He earned a degree in music performance from the School of Music at Ohio University.

After completing his studies at Ohio University, Fite attended the University of Oklahoma to earn a bachelor's degree in music education. Following graduation and two years of practical experience in the music industry, he returned to the institution's School of Music to get a doctorate in musical arts.

Several nationally renowned professional organizations have accredited the bachelor's degree in music education and the doctoral degree in musical arts offered by the university. Fite completed a minor in jazz studies at Ohio University in Athens before beginning his decades-long career in the music industry.

Professional skills

As a music industry veteran of more than two decades, Jacob Benjamin Fite is well-versed in all aspects of the business. With both administrative and practical experience, his professional skills list is extensive and diverse. Included among the highlights are:

Superior work ethic

Practical studio training

Excellent communication skills

Experience travelling with renowned groups

Manifested decision-making skills

Unrivalled industry expertise

Proven expertise in A&R

In addition, he is a member of the American Federation of Musicians, the Americana Music Association, and the Artist Rights Alliance, all of which are essential certifications and affiliations within the music industry.

Certifications and association affiliations in the music business

As a session musician and touring musician, Fite is a current member of some relevant associations. Memberships in the American Federation of Musicians and Artist Rights Alliance are the former A&R representative's two most prominent industry affiliations.

Fite is also recognized as a member of the Americana Music Association and the American Federation of Musicians and the Artist Rights Alliance.

Federation of American Musicians

In the United States and Canada, professional instrumental musicians are represented by the American Federation of Musicians. The association is led by its president and professional musician, Raymond M. Hair Jr., based in New York City.

Artist Rights Coalition

The Artist Rights Alliance is a non-profit artist-run group that advocates for equitable recompense for music creators in the digital arena. The organization's list of rights guides its commitment to supporting and protecting artists.

Americana Music Industry

The Americana Music Association is a non-profit trade association that advocates internationally for American performers. Its network of performers, radio stations, record companies, and publishers exist to increase the exposure and commercial sustainability of American musicians.

Philanthropy and charitable participation

Throughout his over two decades in the industry, Jacob Benjamin Fite has collaborated closely with numerous music-related charities and non-profits. Education Through Music, Hungry For Music, the Jazz Foundation of America, Little Kids Rock, MusiCares, and The Roots of Music are among these organizations.

He has also worked closely with projects aimed at assisting military veterans in developing essential musical skills after their service has ended. Outside of his professional activities, the award-winning musician has been a steadfast supporter of several other worthy organizations for many years. Other charitable projects supported by the veteran of the music business include:

  • Crayons for Schools
  • Nourishing America
  • The international Habitat for Humanity organization
  • Animal Foundation of Ohio
  • Children's Research Hospital at St. Jude
  • United Way International

Fite and his family often contribute to local food banks and homeless shelters in other communities. For the past ten years, they have donated turkeys and other holiday trimmings to several food banks and homeless charities in western Ohio during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Individual pursuits and hobbies

Father-of-two Jacob Benjamin Fite is a dedicated gym-goer and sports aficionado. The musician based in Dayton, Ohio favors the Cleveland Guardians, the Columbus Blue Jackets, and the Ohio Bobcats.

The veteran of the music industry is equally enthusiastic about old automobiles. The late 1960s and early 1970s American muscle vehicles are his particular passion. Fite owns over six cars, including the Buick GSX, the Chevrolet Camaro Z28, and the Ford Mustang Boss 302. Additionally, he has held a Plymouth Road Runner and a Pontiac Firebird 400 Coupe.

Fite has been a dog enthusiast and owner for his whole life, and he enjoys spending time with his two golden retrievers. Together, he and his family frequently take long walks with their dogs in gorgeous areas near their suburban Dayton, Ohio, residence.